Chance of Crocodiles in the sea!

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Chance of Crocodiles in the sea!
« en: Abril 24, 2018, 07:56:19 am »

The thread “Crocodile at Valentin” got me thinking- what’s the chance of swimming in the sea with a Croc? Well the biggest recorded Croc is a Seawater Croc at a massive 20ft+

Seawater Crocs have been known to kill Sharks-so now when I go for a paddle its not only Sharks I’m on the lookout for but Crocodiles.

A couple of years ago whilst snorkelling in the Red sea a 8-10 ft (gets bigger every time) shark swam by me & it totally s*** me- for some reason I did not panic. A couple of weeks late there was a fatal attack in the same area. Last year whilst in Cancun we noticed Crocs in the water in the lake/lagoon -not impossible for them to get into the sea!! Now I can’t get the thought of Croc “nibbling” at me -please someone reassure me.

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Re:Chance of Crocodiles in the sea!
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