Evolution of reptiles No ratings yet.

According to recent studies we know that the first reptiles evolved in the Permian (300 million years ago) from certain amphibians. While amphibians were the first vertebrates to rule on the mainland, yet its existence was closely linked to the liquid element. The amphibians need water to breed, and lay their eggs in it and […]

Anapsid Reptiles No ratings yet.

The Anapsida clade includes contemporary turtles and all their extinct relatives, so as to millerettidae, procolophonoidae, pareiasauridae, and other taxa of lesser-known relationships such as Acleistorhinus, lanthanosuchidae and nyctiphruretianiade. His skull has no openings in the temporal region. Today only survive the current turtles, which have fossils that date back to the Triassic, but an […]