Reptile Classification

Herpetology (science of amphibians and reptiles) described us until now the not inconsiderable figure of nearly 10,000 species of living reptiles. Basically, we can group the reptiles as follows, according to the latest data from 2010: Turtles: 318 species in 13 families Squamata, or the scaled reptiles: Lizards (Suborder Sauria) 5.473species in 25 families Legless lizards […]

Anapsid Reptiles

The Anapsida clade includes contemporary turtles and all their extinct relatives, so as to millerettidae, procolophonoidae, pareiasauridae, and other taxa of lesser-known relationships such as Acleistorhinus, lanthanosuchidae and nyctiphruretianiade. His skull has no openings in the temporal region. Today only survive the current turtles, which have fossils that date back to the Triassic, but an […]